Today,’s West division is starting its 3rd working round with furniture installation and the relocation of approximately 120 employees of a major German-owned manufacturing company in business district of northern Aarhus.
The 900-employee company has gone through a major renovation of its office facilities since autumn 2018. In order to make room for the workers, has helped set up a large temporary business facility with approximately 130 workspaces that the employees will temporarily work from while their own offices are being renovated. In this round, we will be moving 120 employees back to their new offices, installing and assembling new office furniture.
Another 100 employees from other departments will then be moving to the temporary business facility, from which they can continue their work as normal until returns for the 4th working round and helps them move back into their new facilities.
The final steps will only be completed over the course of the summer of 2019, meaning the total length of the project will be approximately 10-12 months. The project has required all our competences in handling logistics with new furniture, business relocation, installation and IT cabling. Møbelinstallation Erhvervsflytning Flyttefirma Montering Århus Jylland Montering Monterer