Installation has taken the first step in a major installation contract in week 14, entailing the complete installation of fittings and fixtures for a new 6,000 sq.m. domicile in Carlsbergbyen, Copenhagen.

The property is a new 6-floor building, and once it has been fully furnished with new furniture in week 21, it will house a leading global management consultancy firm.

The furnishing will entail the delivery, unpacking and installation of more than 1,670 pieces of furniture for a total of 350 workstations, a large number of meeting rooms, several lounge areas and a canteen. The furniture consists of a selection of high-quality brands from leading manufacturers, resulting in a lovely mix of Nordic design. has an active foreman on the building site and a large number of installers. IT cabling is responsible for the cabling installations for workstations, including the mounting of power rails, outlets and networking cables.