Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At, we prioritise our CSR work as an expression for the company’s social/societal responsibility. CSR represents the company’s willingness to voluntarily contribute to acting responsibly at a global and societal level. Some of the ways to do so include taking into account human rights, labour rights, social conditions, the environment and the working environment. We regard responsibility as a keyword to being a well-functioning enterprise – or quite simply: A proper business! Our goal is to exercise accountability by being a proper business with its affairs in order and a high moral standard. This gives us a sense of stability, while also inspiring confidence in our clients and employees. That is why we at have actually worked with CSR from the very start – long before it became mandatory for the largest companies in Denmark.

What does CSR mean to us?

CSR is an integrated component in’s daily activities, and our intention is to keep up with societal developments and always remain in compliance with legislation and ethical guidelines. CSR is important to because we wish to be an initiative-taker in protecting our society and environment by regularly improving our active efforts to exercise consideration for our surroundings and employees. Every year, we decide and set aside funds for new investments in buildings, materials and vehicles so as to ensure they are always of a high quality and efficiency level that contributes to the maintenance of a good physical working environment. We regard ethical responsibility as a completely natural part of our daily business procedures, as we strive to set the highest standards in the industry and for our employees. Our aim is to be an attractive workplace for everyone so that our employees can identify with and show pride in what we stand for. By taking the lead in such efforts, we help create better relationships with our clients, shareholders, partners, employees, suppliers, industry organisations and trade organisations.

Our employees are the crucial link

One of the reasons we have come so far in our CSR efforts at is our employees, who we invest a lot into training, involving and maintaining. This is because they are the crucial link. It is our employees who must ensure that our clients find our services to be of a high standard. It is also up to them to ensure that we provide you with the highest efficiency and thereby greatest value for your money – and ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

What does do in practice?’s CSR efforts are based on the UN Global Compact, which is built on principles for how companies work with corporate social responsibility. Not only does that sound great and very global, but it has also proven to be very concrete and applicable to our approach to actively taking social and societal responsibility, such as in the following ways:

  • An ethical set of rules for subcontractors

We ensure that non-employed staff also follow the same guidelines that apply to our own employees. This means that subcontractors must confirm that they respect human rights and labour rights and work together with to improve social and working environment conditions.

  • A working environment policy that our company complies with

We have a Working Environment Organisation that works closely with the Danish Working Environment Authority and Danish Working Environment Knowledge Centre on everything concerning our working environment, from laws and regulations to knowledge and tools that can further improve our working environment. Among other things, this includes ways to prevent industrial accidents, preventing stress, ensuring a good climate and preventing bullying, noise and sickness absence as well as more generally ensuring a high level of well-being and social environment in the workplace. We are proud of having been awarded a Green Smiley from Work Environment in Denmark (read more at

  • A code of conduct that we and our employees follow

It’s about managing the entire company responsibly and creating an appropriately health, safe and inclusive workplace in which we can all improve our professional skills, develop as people and feel valued. Secondly, that our engagement with the market happens through creating relationships based on respect and mutual benefit. That is why we strive to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients, subcontractors, partners and other stakeholders so that we conduct ourselves with integrity and act in a fair and responsible manner. Accordingly, we do our utmost to deliver high-quality work on time and for the agreed price – and to surpass expectations. Finally, it means that we are engaged in our society by finding new ways to minimise our environmental footprint, promoting fair competition and improving conditions in the society in which we live and work.

  • En integrationspolitik vi og vores ansatte efterlever

At, diversity goes hand-in-hand with a good working environment and well-being in the workplace. For us, the goal is to bring our employees’ diversity of skills into play while creating a working environment based on mutual respect and unity. It is important to put the culture we have in our company – and in Denmark – into words and explain the unwritten rules so that everyone is familiar with them.

  • A sickness absence and follow-up policy that ensures well-being

The purpose of our sickness absence policy is to show consideration for all our employees. We aim to ensure that working conditions are designed in such a way that they do not pose a risk of work-related issues that can lead to an employee going on sick leave. Our goal is to have a constructive dialogue with employees who have become sick about possibilities to reduce their sickness absence. We have largely succeeded in that regard at Sickness absence is at approximately 1.7 days per employee at If our workplace has a high sickness absence rate, we risk that the teamwork, well-being and commitment to work at deteriorates for all our employees. The well-being of employees is therefore dependent on keeping sickness absence as low as possible, and it is important for us to create a culture that helps ensure that.

  • An alcohol and drug abuse policy with clear boundaries has an alcohol and drug abuse policy that can be found in our staff handbook. It is important for us to have clear boundaries on alcohol and other forms of drug abuse that can negatively affect the safety, health, well-being and efficiency of our company. We have a strong stance on the issue and a willingness to effectively and professionally deal with any issues of abuse if they should arise.

  • A climate and environmental policy that we are focused on

We work systematically to improve our company’s impact on the climate and environment. At, we have many trucks on the roads, which is why we have a lot of focus on how much pollution we cause through our vehicles. Through our membership of the Danish Transport and Logistics Association (DTL), we regularly receive new information about the transport sector’s environmental impact. There is also a major focus among truck manufacturers to develop new and cleaner technologies, and the EU’s Euro norms have placed restrictions on how much truck engines are permitted to pollute. The transport sector’s CO2 emissions are directly linked to fuel consumption. Using less fuel means less CO2 ending up in the atmosphere, while also reducing costs for us as a company. Thus, better utilisation of fuel benefits both the environment and the company’s bottom line.

  • Quality assurance that everyone has to comply with

We place high demands on our employees, and by meticulously describing work processes and internal policies, we safeguard the quality of our business operations. The goal is to ensure the best outcomes for our clients, which is why we register errors and deviations so that we can continuously refine our quality assurance procedures.

Responsibility for CSR’s management has the overall responsibility for the company’s CSR policy, including the allocation of enough resources for day-to-day CSR efforts and following up on the annual evaluations. Furthermore, we strive to regularly set new targets for all our CSR-related areas. © Frej.dkCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Samfundsansvar Miljø

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