CONGRATULATIONS to all our employees and’s partners on being appointed a Gazelle Company in 2019. We couldn’t be prouder that we have managed to come this far together. We are now for the first time part of an exclusive club of only approximately 0.5% of all Danish companies that meet the criteria of continuous growth and at least a doubling of turnover or gross profit over the most recent four financial years, growth in number of employees and other metrics.

We dedicate this appointment to all our talented installers, movers and logistics employees. It is you who have made an extraordinary effort. We’d be nothing without you!

The next step is the official appointment of all the Gazelle companies of the year at Tivoli Congress Centre on 10 December 2019, where the focus will be on how the gazelles manage to create growth and success.

We want to thank all our talented employees. You are an amazing team, both in Aarhus and Copenhagen. Every day, you do your best to provide a service that’s gives us an edge over our competitors. You make a world of difference with your positive attitude and high work ethic. Congratulations on the appointment 🙂 Gazelle virksomhed 2019 Kåring