Personale Gazellekåring 2019 Børsen

As a gazelle company, participated in the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center Copenhagen on December 10, 2019, setting a festive period for the Bazaar Gazelle strike 2019.

A total of 2043 gazelle companies have harvested well-deserved rattles in connection with this year’s gazelle cuts.

For, it is the growth in the years 2015 – 2018 that gave us the rating as Børsen gazelle. It has been very exciting to be part of the journey at – and we are far from finished developing the company. Alone here in 2019 we have achieved growth of approx. 30% in gross profit and this year we have also had to hire more installers and buy more new trucks for the company

However, the path to growth is rarely the same for individual gazelle companies. There are various themes and trends that have been pervasive for this year’s gazelle tremors and have somehow played a role in the success of the growth companies.

For those interested in growing businesses, here we have collected 5 Gazelle gold grains served by experts and the gazelles themselves from the stage at the final party:


1: Create an infrastructure that matches your growth ambitions

Entrepreneurship often starts with a dream or a good idea, and with courage, passion and hard work you come a long way. However, sparring with others is essential in the long run. Initially, this sparring takes place for many startup companies with close relationships such as family and friends. But in the long term, the network should be expanded to include professional advisors and possibly the establishment of a board of directors or an advisory board that can assist with qualified sparring in various business areas.

2: Data and digitization drive the work

Data and digitalisation are a key focal point for many growth companies. Both in order to develop the business and to make the daily life more efficient. It can become a catalyst for growth. The back of the medal is cybercrime, which places great demands on the security of the digital universe.

3: Make World Goals Everyday Goals

Sustainability is a trend that is seriously up in the moment right now and with the UN’s 17 World Goals as a locomotive, it will be no less moving forward. Several of this year’s gazelle companies also have sustainability as a central part of the company’s DNA.

4: Foreign funding provides another form of freedom

Many growth companies prefer self-financing. First and foremost, to avoid having to relinquish the freedom that for many is one of the key reasons why they chose just starting a business. But foreign funding can be a game-changer and give freedom in new form. It can move the company even further – for example, further into the export market.

5: Good employees give good results

Good relationships are the basis for good results in many aspects of running a business – even when it comes to hiring the right employees.

According to the majority of gazelle companies, employees are the primary source of growth. Therefore, the recruitment and retention of skilled labor is essential. Here, of course, pay is an important parameter, but it does not mean everything. In many growth companies, parameters such as i. shared values, flexibility, freedom and professional development equally high or higher. The good relationship is in focus.