Professional furniture installation carried out by experienced installers

We are experts at installing fittings and fixtures. We have experience with everything from minor fittings and fixtures repairs to major installations and total interior projects.

We have carried out projects for small companies as well as major undertakings with up to 2,500 workplaces for different types of organisations, both public and private.

Our capacity in terms of manpower, vehicles and equipment is adapted to most large furnishing projects for Top-1000 companies in Denmark in particular.

“We have professional installers for everything a
modern company needs screwed together
when it comes to new furnishing of commercial premises,
offices, meeting rooms, canteens, etc.”


At Martela – Best Workplaces, we have used for many years as our full-service partner on the delivery and installation of office furniture for our customers in eastern and western Denmark.

Martela A/S is a project house that in addition to furnishing and selling fixtures and fittings, we also offer our customers different services in the areas of relocation, storage, recycling management, connectivity, etc. is a valued partner that helps us provide a consistently high-quality service to our customers.

We are very satisfied

Martela A/S
Anders Baastrup, CEO



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    We are well-prepared

    Before undertaking large deliveries, we often take care of the assembly of electric desks and other furniture parts in our own facilities first to save as much time as possible on the delivery itself.

    Looking for assembly or installation help for a large fittings and fixtures project? Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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