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We handle IT cabling and light
electrical installations

When relocating office workplaces, there is always a need for IT cabling. Especially when it comes to individual electric desks, grouped table layouts and large open office landscapes, IT cabling is crucial to ensuring that your IT systems and personal PC workplaces are working normally after the relocation.

“Every new electric desk comes with internet, cables and IT equipment to set up as well.
That’s why has a special team of installers who handle IT cabling and light electrical installations.
We make sure that your office workplaces are fully installed – and on time!”


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    Our special team is ready to help

    At, we have a special team of installers who handle IT cabling after the new furniture has been assembled and set up or once the relocation to the new premises has been completed. It is only once the power has been turned on at the workplace and the internet is up and running that your employees can perform their duties and fully enjoy the new facilities. We can also carry out light electrical installations and hang up lamps so that the workplace is fully set up for your staff.

    We safely steer your project to completion and don’t stop until the job’s done!

    Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your fittings and fixtures project.

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