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We handle all logistics functions so you can concentrate on your business

Running your business should be as simple as possible. The less time you spend physically handling inventories, receiving goods, driving trucks, managing locations, picking and packing shipments, issuing notifications and providing customer service during deliveries, etc., the more time you have to grow your business. All you need to do is order your products and resell them; we’ll take care of the rest for you.

“Frej.dk is an experienced third-party logistics partner for the most significant players in Denmark’s office furniture market. We receive furniture, carry out inspections and add order labelling, store the products in our central warehouses, plan driving routes and deliver the furniture with our own trucks and installers to end customers throughout Denmark. You can safely outsource all your company’s logistics functions to us”


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    Frej.dk Logistik Logistikrådgivning

    A sensible logistics solution

    Your company gets more security as well as cost benefits from outsourcing your logistics functions to us, as you only end up paying for the resources you actually use. Your storage costs are reduced to the exact storage area you use per day. The receipt and delivery of goods is paid with a fee per action. At Frej.dk, you can also take advantage of our delivery services, where we help make sure your products are delivered to your customers as well as unpacked and installed for them. We have full-service logistics warehouses in both Copenhagen and Aarhus. Considering outsourcing your logistics functions? Contact us to learn more about what the efficient logistics solutions we can provide for you.

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    Frej.dk – EAST

    Ejby Industrivej 30
    2600 Glostrup

    Frej.dk – WEST

    Silkeborgvej 765
    8220 Brabrand




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