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Background and purpose is obligated to comply with the provisions of the Danish Data Protection Act as well as perform internal procedures that ensure confidentiality of personal data (GDPR). On this page, you can read about how we use your personal data and keep it secure. We respect your privacy and therefore only collect data about you in accordance with applicable Danish legislation and EU regulations (GDPR).

In general, we process personal data if you are one of our clients or we receive personal data from you in connection with the use of our website. We use personal data to personalise and improve our content.

If you do not want data about you to be collected, you should delete your cookies and refrain from further use of our website. You can also read more about our cookie policy in Our use of cookies for more information about processing data about your browsing activity on our website.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or comments about our processing of personal data: ApS
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Personal data

Personal data refers to any kind of data that to some extent or another can lead to the identification of you. When you use our website, we collect and process different types of personal data. For example, this happens when you subscribe to our newsletter, participate in surveys or when you are registered as a client to make use of our services.

We typically collect and process the following types of data:

A unique ID and technical data about your computer, tablet or smartphone,

your IP address, geographical location and which pages you visit on our website.

When you fill out a form, e.g. in connection with subscribing to our newsletter or using the contact form, we also process the following data about you: Company name, person name, e-mail address and IP address.


We have enacted technical precautions to ensure your data being accidentally or unlawfully erased, published, lost, impaired or disclosed to unauthorised persons, misused or otherwise processed in violation of applicable legislation.


The data is used to identify you as a user, to improve your experience of the website and provide the services you have requested, such as sending you a newsletter. In addition, we use the data to optimise our services and content.


Retention period
The data is stored for the period permitted by law, and we will erase the data when it is no longer necessary. The period depends on the nature of the data and purpose of storage. Therefore, it is not possible to indicate a general timeframe for when data is erased.


Transmitting of data
Data about your use of the website, which ads you receive and click, geographical location, gender, age segment, etc. is transmitted to third parties to the extent that this data is known. Data about visited pages on the website is sent to Google Analytics. When you play a video, data is also sent to YouTube or Vimeo. We administrate and send out our newsletters through MailChimp.

In addition, we use a number of third parties for storage and processing of data. These third parties exclusively process data on our behalf and are not permitted to use it for their own purposes.

The transmission of personal data such as names, e-mail addresses, etc., will only occur if you give consent to it. We exclusively use data processors in the EU or in countries that can ensure your data is adequately protected.


Your rights
As a visitor or client of, we process your data as part of an agreement. This generally provides you with the following rights:

Access and rectification
You can contact us to request access to the personal data we process and request to have it rectified in the event that it is incorrect. You can also object to the processing of your data at any time.

As a client, you can ask to have data about you erased. We are only able to erase data that is not necessary for the maintenance of the agreement as well as data we are not subject to processing pursuant to current legislation. You have the right to obtain the personal data you have provided us in a machine-readable format.

How to contact us about your personal data
If you contact us to request access to your personal data, it is important to us that we do not accidentally disclose your personal data to anyone else but you. Therefore, we must be able to verify that you are in fact the person you claim to be. You must send us an e-mail regarding your personal data to the following address:

Complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency
If you wish to complain about our processing of your personal data, you have the option to contact the Danish Data Protection Agency. You must submit the complaint to:

The Danish Data Protection Agency
Borgergade 28, 5
DK-1300 Copenhagen
Tel.: + 45 3319 3200
Fax + 45 3319 3218


We encourage you to contact us before submitting a complaint so that we have the opportunity to have a dialogue with you and address your questions/concerns.


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